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1. What is B-Awake Network?

B-Awake Network is an online platform with profiles of experienced and emerging psychotherapists and holistic practitioners. B-Awake affiliates share a holistic view of human health and each affiliate is approaching personal clients informed by this perspective. In addition, B-Awake is in process of developing educational side of the web site where we plan to share valuabe information on topic of psychology, awakening of the psyche, and personal growth. For example, in B-awake library we will post interesting articles and videos that will be inspirational and educational in nature.

B-Awake's aim is to have few talented affiliates per city that share similar approach to human psyche that is based on depth psychology and/or integrative approaches such as transpersonal and existential psychology.

B-awake founder, Slobodan Nesovic, and affiliates, understand that people and the planet are at the special point in history when the earth is facing stark future if people don't change the course we are on. Economic crisis, uncertain future and ecological predicament influence how people function on day-to-day basis. On top of external issues each one of us is dealing with personal issues, family and interpersonal problems, intergenerational traumas, and genetics. All of this together constitute reasons why a person feels the way they feel.

Professionals in the mental health field are there to help an individual to work on all these aspects in their lives in order to make one's life more functional and present in the here and now. Most of the changes that happen on the personal level, such as increased capacity for love and compassion are reflected on the societal level as well. B-awake affiliates are aware that each individual can change their lives and improve their relationships. By changing oneself, a person automatically contributes to change the state of the planetary dissonance. This change might seem insignificant but it is not!

If you help yourself live a more balanced life you are helping everyone else as well. This is most noticeable in your immediate environment when relationship to self and others improve and bring more satisfaction and content.

When people ask how could they contribute to the dying planet and economic crisis that seems much bigger than life, b-awake suggests you can do a lot just by working on your own issues and challenges. Each individual is a precious and important part of planetary life. We are social animals and isolation usually does not bring happiness and love. When one person changes relationship to self they raise the overall awareness of the planetary community, which could help change the course of imminent destruction of natural resources. Without a healthy planet to live and feed from there is no mental health for anyone.

 2. Why should I see a psychotherapist?

It is recommended that a person seeks out professional help when facing challenging situations in life, such as depression, anxiety, hyper and hypo activity, relationship problems, adjustment issues, addictions, having illusions, delusions, or hearing voices that no one else seems to hear. These are just examples of many possible reasons to look for a therapist that can hear you out and work with you through compassion and love on the presenting issues.

3. What is b-awake network's mission statement?

Assisting people to awaken inner potentials and become as conscious as possible in the here and now.

4. How does a typical therapy session look like?

Therapy sessions differ greatly because each individual and therapist create a unique relationship. This relationship will depend on both parties involved, for couples or group therapy it will depend on each individual involved.

Most of the sessions will involve talking about various issues, situations, and quite often will involve dream work analysis to access the deeper aspects of the psyche. This is best to be discussed with a therapist that you choose to contact for work together.

5. What is B-Awake Library?

B-awake Library is a place where affiliates contribute their original peace of writing that relates to psychology and awakening of the psyche.

6. Does it matter what therapist I pick to work with? Are therapists pretty much the same?

Choosing the right therapist is very important step on your path to more conscious and healthy life. Each therapist is unique and many specialize with specific issues, such as eating disorders, psychosis, or adjustment issues. Many therapists choose to specialize working with specific populations, such as children, elderly individuals, LGBTQ or BDSM community.

7. How long and how often I have to go to therapy?

This all depends on the presenting problems and the style/orientation of the therapist. Most often clients go to therapy once or twice per week for as long as necessary to start feeling better and become more functional. This time period could be 6 months for short term therapy or 2-3 years for longer term. Some therapy approaches last even longer, like psychoanalytically oriented therapy, which can last well over 5 years.

It is not recommended to see a therapist less than once per week if substantial progress is the goal. This is due to the unpredictable nature of our unconscious mind and the necessary continuity to reach deeper into the root of the problems.

8. What is the difference between depth therapy and CBT, or manual based therapy?

There is a big difference between manual based and depth therapy. Depth therapists approach therapy by facing the unconscious patterns and forces that guide the behavior and mood of a client while CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) has a prescribed method that therapist follows and is usually short term.

Depth therapy works with underlying issues and it's aim is to get to the "bottom" of problems that can change person's debilitating patterns, that is, making unconscious into conscious, while CBT is there to help a person to learn how to deal with their symptoms usually without probing deeper into the psyche but by learning a technique, such as positive thinking or exposure.

9. Can I choose a therapist for working on spiritual emergence and spiritual development?

This is one of the best reasons to seek professional help. Quite often spiritual emergence is followed by intense awakening that is hard to integrate on one's own. Help from a professional could assist on this journey and help you to make sense of your experiences.

Often spiritual emergence is confused with psychosis and it is difficult to remain grounded, which means that your daily routine, such as job and close relationships could be negatively affected. Working with informed professional who is knowledgeable in these matters is very useful and could make all the difference. Ask your therapist directly about spiritual issues and how they could be of assistance.




Featured Therapist


Dr. Benjamin Tong has maintained for many years a longstanding interest in mind-body health, cross-cultural studies and critical social inquiry.  One of the original group of faculty and students who shut down San Francisco State University in the late 1960s in order to demand creation of the first university-level ethnic studies program.

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Assisting people to awaken inner potentials and become as conscious as possible in the here and now.

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