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Founder of B-Awake Network and PsychoEnalysis Center

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY28761)

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       The name for B-Awake Network emerged while I was visiting my country of origin Serbia and the Holy Hills of Fruska Gora in May, 2012. However, the idea for a network has been brewing in my conscious and unconscious mind for many years. Soon after I left the Access Intitute for Psychological Services in March 2012 I wanted to establish a space on the web where people can read about therapy and find quality recommendations for psychologists and therapists. is a psychotherapy network of like minded people and a platform for finding reliable practitioners and information about depth psychology and awakening of the psyche.


About me


My passion for psychology and psychospiritual development has been burning strong for twenty years. I was in my late teens when I discovered magic of spiritual experiences in Arizona desert and when I started to study books by Carlos Castaneda, Plato, Hermann Hesse and Barbara Ann Brennan. Those books were initiations into other ways of knowing about human nature and the universe, which eventually inspired me to study psychology at UCLA and clinical psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), due to body-mind-spirit orientation of the institute.


Ever since magical discoveries in Arizona I love studying psychology and it’s various applications in psychotherapy practice. I enjoy learning about human experience, the dark and light aspects, and discovering the most efficient ways of healing and living a fulfilling life. I have been doing psychotherapy for ten years at various clinical settings as an intern, psychological assistant and most recently as a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY28761). I graduated from the CIIS (APA accredited at the time) as a doctor of clinical psychology in December 2011. I received a B.A. degree in psychology from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Parallel to mainstream psychology I have 18 years of experience and training as energy medicine and energy psychology practitioner.


As I mentioned above for the past ten years I have been working in various clinical settings with diverse populations (private practice, psychiatric clinics, and community mental health). My early training as a psychotherapist in training included working with dual diagnosis, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and chronic depression. In 2007 at Pacific Institute in San Francisco I worked with elderly individuals using an existential and process oriented therapy approaches. At Tenderloin Psychiatric Clinic in 2009 I was trained to work with disadvantaged populations on various issues, from crisis intervention and suicide prevention to working with trauma, psychosis and drug addiction.


In my post-doctoral position in San Francisco (2012) I worked as a psychological assistant at the Access Institute using psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy approach. Many of my patients were high functioning individuals dealing with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and spiritual crisis/spiritual emergency.


My approach to psychotherapy in private sessions is influenced by spiritual teachings of world religions, energy psychology, as well as energy healing arts such as Qi Gong and Reiki. In addition to private sessions I work as a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY28761) for the CHE Services doing psychotherapy with elderly population in skilled nursing hospitals.


Energy Psychology


Along my academic psychology studies and practice I have been deeply immersed in studying energy health arts and energy psychology as effective interventions in psychotherapy treatment. In 2006 I received a certificate in TFT (Thought Field Therapy, Callahan), the only energy psychology technique to become evidence based therapy. Which happened in 2016, ten years later. I have been certified master of Reiki since 2003 and have been learning from several European energy workers, such as Zoran Gruicic and Vladimir Labat. I am skilled at facilitating natural healing process that involves human energy structure. I see humans as whole beings, functioning on physical, psychological, energetic, and spiritual dimensions. All four levels of functioning are in constant communication and dynamic interaction. Often there are imbalances in one part of the system that has negative effects on all other parts. I work with my clients on identifying these imbalances, which are often hidden from our knowledge, deep in our unconscious mind.


After many years of direct work with clients I realized that the most important aspect of making the unconscious into conscious is relationship between a therapist and a client. The potential for working through trauma, depression, anxiety or addiction greatly increases when there is resonance in the therapy room. This is why choosing a therapist that you will be able to work with is very important step in your healing process.


Thank you for reading my bio and for visiting my web site. If you would like to schedule a psychotherapy session please contact me for a free 15 minutes phone consultation by calling 1 (213) 348-1088.

My services are available through phone or Skype. In home services are available for older adults only.

Contact Information

Psycho Enalysis Center

Slobodan Nesovic, PsyD

(213) 348-1088

Skype: dr.Slobodan8

Featured Therapist


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