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Mental Health Resources


     In this part of the site you can find various resources related to psychotherapy, counseling and awakening of the psyche. This section is meant to serve as a source of information about various ways that people approach  self awakening process, that is, dealing with unconscious conflicts, traumas and suffering.

     As one can imagine the awakening of the psyche could be a lonely path and it is riddled with difficulties. Personal difficulties are part of a healing process and it is recommended that all serious seekers reach out for professional assistance that could enhance one's safety and emergence into more functional, balanced and harmonious person.

     Taking a step to find professional help gives you a choice to do something constructive about your situation. On this web site you can look up resources for various psychological services and mental health clinics in four different areas of the world.




B-Awake Library

In B-Awake Library you can find articles, videos, and books that B-Awake recommends for further information about psyche, awakening, and therapy.

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Featured Therapist


Dr. Benjamin Tong has maintained for many years a longstanding interest in mind-body health, cross-cultural studies and critical social inquiry.  One of the original group of faculty and students who shut down San Francisco State University in the late 1960s in order to demand creation of the first university-level ethnic studies program.

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